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How Lemon Law Can Save You From Getting Cheated?

It is quite interesting to know about the strict implementation of Lemon law and the kind of impact it has been having in the United States automobile industry. The law definitely comes across as a great relief to those of them who have spent their money on a vehicle thinking it to be a great support and investment.


According to this law, if you get a vehicle, be it SUV, car, truck, motorcycles or anything and find it to be defective then you can make your claim through Lemon law.

Why the term lemon?

The word Lemon indicates damaged or defective appliances in general and it is commonly referred to those vehicles that are in an inoperable, defective condition. The United States came up with the Lemon Law in order to protect the interest of the consumers who suffer a great deal under the hands of automobile manufacturers who pay little attention to consumer grievances.

What Lemon Law offers?

The reason behind the popularity of this law is that it stands against those manufacturers who take advantage over consumers. The law would keep the manufacturers from tight spot from selling faulty vehicles that does not provide the functionality it claims to.

If a particular vehicle has crossed its repair attempts in a specific period then the manufacturers of that particular automobile needs to get it replaced or buy it back, preventing the buyers from facing unwanted problems.

Vehicles under the purview of Lemon Law

This law is specifically applicable to all vehicles including motorcycle, SUVs, cars, trucks, vans and motor boats. Lemon laws are available both on federal as well as state levels. Many states in the country have their own set of Lemon laws which are implemented in the appropriate manner.

The requirement for the application of this law varies considerably from one state to another. In order to make a particular manufacturer to be liable under this law there needs to be a manufacturer’s warranty. Without warranty, the law cannot enforce liability over the faulty vehicle. The warranty is what makes the manufacturer legally liable over the product sold to the consumer. Both implied as well as express warranty can be taken into account.